Painting Day

Painting day was actually countless hours spread over a three-day period. We never could have made it through without the generous help of our family. Much thanks and love goes out to our painters T.J., Kelly, Brandon, and Cathy. Brandon was over the house with us for four hours on Friday, then the whole gang was with us for nearly twelve hours on Saturday (we let Grandma Cathy and T.J. leave a little early). We finally finished up with Kelly on Sunday, putting in five more hours. In total we spent over 90 man-hours prepping and painting the house. Of course, a couple of professional painters could probably have knocked it out in a single afternoon! 

I didn’t realize how few pictures we had taken until after the fact. I spilled about a quart of paint down my right side, dousing my cellphone and rendering it useless. The paint was literally running from my waist down to my right shoe, which was completely covered. No pictures. Anyway, the ones of T.J are cute!

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